Partnership with Shelter Health Services Clinic, Inc.

By: Admin

St. Hermione Home (the Home), and Shelter Health Services Clinic, Inc. (SHS), have continued to partner through 2022, working synergistically to provide care for the residents of The Salvation Army Center of Hope Homeless Shelter (women and children), and The Booth Family Center (off-site hotel purchased by The Salvation Army to house intact non-discriminate families).

Because of the propinquity of access to services, the Clinic and SHS are uniquely positioned to help residents address the needs of the “whole person.” Weekly visits by the staff of the Home, coupled with support of staff, volunteers, and the facilities of SHS, provide The Salvation Army residents with competent and empathetic care that focuses on the mind, body, and soul.

Through the collective efforts of the Home and the Clinic, Center of Hope residents are afforded access to healthcare services that would not otherwise be accessible, including but not limited to x-rays, MRIs, orthopedic consultations, medications, and contact with a wide range of healthcare specialists. As a part of our collaboration, residents are afforded direct access to spiritual care, which is shown to be vital to healing and growth during times of great stress and challenges. Our friends are those who find themselves unsheltered and at risk, disproportionally affected by negative social determinants of health.

The partnership between The Home and SHS provides spiritual counseling, biblical study, spiritual attention to prayer and petition, and moral and spiritual guidance in all matters of life by offering the precepts of Christianity paired with compassionate medical care. Shelter Health Services and St. Hermione Home will continue to provide medically competent, empathetic healthcare and virtuous scripturally directed guidance to this impecunious population.

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